COVID-19 update

Gyms are officially allowed to reopen in NC, but we are still playing it cautious with only 1 in-person class per week for the time being. We also have plenty of online options. Click the button to learn more about our current offerings.

Who We Are

Agatsu NC is Chapel Hill’s gym for kettlebell, bodyweight, and mobility focused training. We use any tool that gets the job done: maces, clubs, gymnastics rings, and more. You’ll learn to jump, throw, climb, roll, fall, tumble, lift heavy things, and move with purpose. And to do all that with confidence and stability, not fear or pain.
Masakatsu agatsu translates as “True victory is victory over oneself.” Agatsu refers to this idea of self mastery. This is “beginner’s mind” — maintaining humility, always learning and refining as a student.
If you want to be:
  • stronger
  • more flexible
  • more durable (aka less likely to be injured)
  • more coordinated
Agatsu NC is the place to help you get there. You just have to provide the time, commitment, curiosity, and moxie. Come try us out!

What To Expect

Our classes:

  • Are accessible to all fitness levels. From complete newbies to seasoned athletes — everything we teach is scalable, allowing for all levels to work together in class. 
  • Will rely on a variety of different modalities and equipment, such as kettlebells, bodyweight, Indian clubs, weighted clubs, maces, parallettes, gymnastics rings, and more.
  • Will build your strength, increase your work capacity (AKA cardio  — though ours is much different than what you may have experienced), assess and improve your motor control and generally try to optimize your mind and body for whatever your particular needs and goals are.
  • Are coach-led, so you’ll receive plenty of constructive feedback.

Arguably the best part of group fitness is the community aspect. You can do quite well working out on your own, but doing so with a group takes things to another level. 

The Coaches

Sarah Yeo

Coach, owner, mastermind. Sarah is the heart of Agatsu NC, and arguably of movement in the Durham-Chapel Hill area.

Greg Woods

Coach, henchman. Greg wants you to move more, better, and have fun doing it. Liberation through strength.

Our Services

Everything you need for physical development and maintenance!

Group training

Our class-based movement training is effective, engaging, and affordable. Read more about our classes here or sign up for a class here!


We’ve got physical therapist Virginia Lanier and sport massage therapist Kelly Cox on staff. Contact them for all your bodywork needs!

Personal training

If you want a training program designed specifically for you, one-on-one personal training is available with Sarah or Greg. Email us for plans and rates!

More to come

…including martial arts, specialty classes, seminars, and more. Stay tuned!


Contact Us

Contact us through the form below, email us at, or call us directly at 919-697-8585 or 919-726-7187.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Where We Are

1821 N Fordham Blvd Ste-5
Chapel Hill, NC 27514