Agatsu NC – opening details!

Hey there Chapel Hill! Let’s get down to business.

Agatsu NC is a gym focused on building self-mastery. We do that through kettlebell, bodyweight, and mobility focused training. We also use fun things like maces, clubs, gymnastics rings, and other implements. You’ll learn to jump, throw, climb, roll, fall, tumble, lift heavy things, and move with purpose. And to do all that with confidence and stability, not fear or pain.

Our classes will focus on building strength, gaining and refining skills, improving your endurance, and increasing your overall durability.


SOFT OPENING starts the week of Dec 17! That’s right — we’ll be holding a few classes a week starting in mid-December. It’ll be a chance for us to experiment with some of the class format ideas we have and work out any kinks in the schedule before our grand opening.

On Sunday, Dec 16th, we’ll be moving a whole bunch of equipment from another gym into our new space at 1821 Fordham Blvd Ste. 5. If you’re interested in helping, plan to come to Legitimate Movement (4815 B Hillsborough Rd, Durham NC) on Sunday, December 16th at noon. Those who come to help will get two free classes at Agatsu NC! Click here for the invite — if you’re coming later check in there to see which gym we’re at and if we can still use your help!

If you’re not able to help but are keen to get started with classes at Agatsu NC, never fear. On Monday the 17th we will make discounted punch cards available for classes. This will give you the opportunity to try our offerings at a reduced cost prior to the grand opening.