Our group fitness class offerings

Agatsu NC is Chapel Hill’s gym for kettlebell, bodyweight, and mobility focused training. We are driven by our curiosities: how to get stronger, become more flexible, move well, increase confidence and stability, and decrease fear and pain. We train to be more useful and physically autonomous.

If being a more capable human sounds like the kind of fitness goal you can get behind, come try us out!

Class types

All classes are 1 hour and are open to all levels!

Movement class – The best and most balanced functional fitness class around! Build strength, improve movement patterns, increase flexibility. We utilize a lot of bodyweight movement in this class, as well as kettlebells, gymnastics rings, maces, clubs, parallettes, monkey bars, sandbags, and anything else that will build your physical autonomy!

Kettlebell, clubs, maces, & more – This class pursues the usual Agatsu NC goals (strength, movement quality, flexibility) with a specific focus on kettlebells, clubs, and maces. Endurance is a greater factor for this class, making it a great option for athletes looking to improve their aerobic/work capacity. Clubs and maces are great for building the resilience and capabilities of your shoulders, lats, and core.

Durability – Our flexibility class! Consists of a blend of self-massage (rolling and/or trigger point work utilizing foam rollers or balls), various stretching techniques, and specifically-graded strengthening and stabilizing drills to better support your joints for your movement training. Great supplementary training for tennis, Jiu-jitsu, Olympic-lifting, endurance athletes, and pretty much any other sport you can think of. Gaining real mobility takes work — this is not a relaxing stretch class!

Even shorter descriptions

Movement class will make you move better, get stronger, and be more flexible!

KB class will teach you how to use unique forms of resistance training. Endurance will also be a bigger factor here and your shoulders will feel yummy.

Durability class will make you more flexible in much more effective and challenging ways than just static stretching.