Agatsu Kettlebell Certification Level 1: Oct 19-20 in Chapel Hill

Agatsu NC is proud to announce that we will be hosting our first official Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Certification on October 19-20, 2019. From the Agatsu website:

The Agatsu program is the most comprehensive program offering instruction in both high volume and high tension methods along with their integration in an overall fitness practice. Unlike other stand alone programs ours was designed to help trainers understand the pivotal role that Kettlebells can play in developing well rounded generalists and our Kettlebell training seamlessly integrates with our other programs.

Kettlebells are a time tested tool that have built strong bodies for decades. Kettlebell practice will build endurance, strength, coordination, an iron grip, and will help you develop a lean strong body.

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In addition to what HQ has to say about the certification, we wanted to share a bit about our experience.


Agatsu NC is an affiliate gym of Agatsu Inc. We run our gym and programs independently, and it is wholly our business. We choose to affiliate with Agatsu for many reasons.

Coach Sarah and I have a lot of certifications, books, educational video subscriptions, and other informational resources at our fingertips. Our business works well for us because we are both very curious, and quite enthusiastic about learning more, integrating, practicing, and sharing with others.

Of those things we have been exposed to through our careers, only a small portion could be considered solid enough to be revisited with regularity, and an even smaller portion becomes part of our personal “standards” — those movements and ideas that live at the heart of what we do. The idea of Agatsu embodies much of what we have each been exploring in our careers and individual training for a long time.

Agatsu literally translates to self-mastery. We think this simple idea provides the broadest possible base of personal development. It also allows for the input of the individual. That is: what does self-mastery mean to you, now? What do you want to achieve? Agatsu prompts these questions, then gives you the tools and information that can help you on your path. We want the training we offer at Agatsu NC to base off these principals, as well.

The kettlebell course is the tentpole, and it gives you the strongest place to start. It’s the only kettlebell certification that truly addresses the wide variety of volume and tension possibilities available with this simple hunk of metal. Proper joint prep, strength principals, and programming will also be explored.

You won’t have to make any kind of pledge of allegiance, either. Agatsu makes no exclusive claim to the idea of self-mastery and encourages all the trainers they meet to follow their own curiosities, experiment, share, and ask questions. This intellectual openness, discussion, and exploration is a refreshing thing to see in an industry filled with cults of personality, gimmicks, and constant claims of owning movement ideas and tools that have been around for centuries or more.

Self-mastery takes all kinds. You just have to want to be better more than you want the t-shirt and the membership card. Come learn about self-mastery — it’s the art of breathing, smiling, getting stronger, knowing it, and growing always.


If you’re serious about getting to know kettlebells, whether for your individual training lifestyle or in order to teach them to clients/students of your own, this is the course for you. It’s fun, accessible to all levels, and will give you tremendous bang for your buck.

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Or if you want to learn more about kettlebells and movement on the regular in the Chapel Hill/Durham area, we’d suggest attending a class with us!