Our current offerings

First up: if you are unfamiliar with our methods be sure to check out our Introduction to Agatsu NC for the basics. Our blog also has a lot of great posts further exploring our ideas and philosophy if you’re interested. You can also follow our gym, Coach Sarah, and Coach Greg on Instagram to get to know our methods even better!

After six long months of officially being closed, North Carolina is allowing gyms to reopen at 30% capacity as of Friday, 4-Sep-2020. However, we will not be going back to a full in-person class schedule immediately.

While the pandemic has been very challenging for our operations and finances, we are *still* committed first and foremost to the safety of our members and the recommendations of the scientific and medical communities.

Because the truth is that the numbers in Chapel Hill — and North Carolina more broadly — are not improving to a great degree. In fact, it’s likely that a major reason gyms were allowed to reopen at this point was due to pressure from industry groups. Fitness chains in NC had declared that they would reopen on Tuesday, 1-Sep regardless of the governor’s mandate.

So while we are happy that we can now reopen, and we intend to start adding classes back into the schedule, it will not be in any sort of GRAND REOPENING way.

We will first be establishing clear cleaning and safety procedures at the gym to share with all members. After that, we will be adding one class at a time back onto the schedule. Most likely the first in-person class will take place the week of 14-Sep. Keep an eye on the schedule for more details!

We will continue to offer online classes for those who err on the side of caution. So don’t worry about those disappearing! We will keep online classes on the schedule likely through the ned of the year.

These include:

Online Mobility class on Mondays at 8:30 AM.

Online Movement & Strength classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:30 AM.

Full schedule can be viewed here. Online classes are all conducted through Zoom. Once you’ve signed up, a link to the Zoom meeting will be automatically sent to you 1 hour before class.

All levels welcome! Movements can be scaled up or down to make them appropriate for the level you’re at.

No equipment required. Bodyweight training is our speciality.

First class is free! To sign up for a free class, click here and scroll down to the section labeled “Try a Free Class.” Then just pick the day and class you’d like to try! And be sure to sign the waiver before attending.

To sign up for online classes after that, first purchase a package. Be sure to download the Zen Planner app (for iPhone and Android) to register for classes, or via our Member Connect schedule page.

If you are interested in personal training, please contact Coach Sarah or Coach Greg directly to discuss schedule and rates. An average session cost is $85 but varies depending on how often you train per week or pay in advance.

Personal training can be online via Zoom or in-person (depending on state requirements for social distancing and general safety).

We are also offering options for distance coaching via the app TrueCoach. This app allows us to provide personalized workouts, videos, real-time messaging, and more.

If you are a NEW client interested in this approach, our typicall approach will be to do 4 zoom sessions (see costs above in personal training) to assess your movement and help you understand the basics of our approach. After that, we will design a 4-5 week plan for you to follow on your own for around $175. Again, costs depend on consistency of attendance and complexity of your individual plan.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact us!