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“How do we explain what you do when we’re trying to refer a friend?”

This is a conversation that often comes up in our classes. If you look at the front page of our website, as well as almost all our blog entries, you’ll see that we are always striving to better describe our form of training.

Agatsu NC is an instructor-led fitness program focused on durability, strength, resilience, sustainable improvement, and longevity.

We look at the whole picture, building what’s called General Physical Preparedness (GPP). That means making you stronger, more flexible, and more stable. We want your reflexes fast, your coordination smooth and confident, and your balance on point. We probably have a lower emphasis on cardio than other gyms. But don’t let that fool you — this stuff is challenging! If you hold a handstand for a minute straight, you can be sure your heart and lungs are working hard.

Central to our training is addressing your individual injuries, compensations, and imbalances. We want to fix the issues that exist and prevent future ones. 

Equipment we use includes:

  • Kettlebells
  • Pull up bars
  • Clubs
  • Maces
  • Gymnastic rings

But most often of all: the floor! Your own bodyweight will be your primary tool here. Think crawling, push ups, bridges, lunges, and all manner of mobility-improving work.

Much of what we do revolves around play and exploration, while deliberately building new skills. We want to make you better by challenging you to try movements and methods that are difficult for you. Everything we do has a specific purpose. (As opposed to workouts designed merely to tire you out!)

Curious? Come try a free class!

Class descriptions can be found here. We also offer online classes, personal training and program design.


Want to know more still? How about a couple of free workouts to get to know us better?

Here is a short workout routine from Coach Sarah. Try doing a few rounds!

And here is a hip mobility follow-along with Coach Greg:

Got 10 minutes? Loosen up your hips

Our hip mobility routine is our most popular for a reason—it works for so many things! Here's how GMB Trainer Greg Woods (from Agatsu NC) has been using this routine for his BJJ practice: "I'm a white belt, which means on the mat I'm usually getting squashed or choked. But as I'm preparing to tap, I'm always grateful I prepped my joints before having them twisted. I may be inexperienced, but I keep up with my mobility so that I at least won't get injured. It's kind of ridiculous how much pride people take in injury, since it takes you off the mat." Follow along with the routine Greg is demonstrating in this video, then get more details on these exercises and download our free hip mobility cheatsheet here:

Posted by GMB Fitness on Thursday, September 5, 2019